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    Adam Meldrum is an award-winning political & digital strategist. He is the Founder/President of the Republican media-buying operation AdVictory LLC. Adam has consulted with other organizations in the political/technology space such as DDC Public Affairs and WinRed. Adam also serves on The Board of Directors at HeadCount, a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy.


    Since 2006 Adam has produced award-winning work for and advised campaigns/organizations such as; Governor Rick Snyder, Governor Bruce Rauner, Governor Doug Burgum, Governor Bill Lee, Ambassador Ron Weiser, Senator Ben Sasse, Senator John McCain, Senator Rand Paul, The Republican National Committee and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


    Adam’s work on the forefront of technology, data, and analytics was featured by OZY Media in a profile: “Meet the GOP’s Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence Guru”.


    He is a die-hard Michigan State University fan/alumni and pretty obsessed with Phish and The Grateful Dead. He resides in Washington D.C. with his beautiful wife Christina and their weird puppy, Basil.

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    People have said things about me. These are some of the good ones.

    OZY Media

    "Meet the GOP's Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence Guru"

    "From donation-seeking chatbots to social listening tools trawling the web like the world’s biggest eavesdroppers, he's mapping the future of political campaigns."

    The Wall Street Journal

    Election 2020 Polls: Startups Pitch Themselves as Alternatives

    "Republican digital strategist Adam Meldrum recently set up a custom system using two technology and analytics firms—Eyesover Technologies Inc. and Relative Insight Ltd.—to compare support for Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden by analyzing language used on social media over time in swing states."

    The New Yorker

    Can We Trust the Polls?

    "“We’re able to treat social media as a kind of always-on focus group to get a more real-time understanding of trends than you get with polling,” Adam Meldrum, AdVictory’s C.E.O., told me. “By analyzing what people are saying on social media, we can see what people are thinking. Over time, as we start to see issues pop up in greater frequency around a candidate’s name, we’ll look at how people are talking about them. Is it positive? Is it negative? And are people starting to pick up on what we’re putting out there in the broadcast media?” In late September, Meldrum was seeing that Trump’s comments on the Supreme Court were getting more positive responses than Biden’s.."

    Campaigns & Elections

    Rising Star Award

    "Want to understand how chatbots and AI are impacting political campaigns? Adam Meldrum is your go-to. Meldrum built AdVictory, a robust digital voter-contact technology stack, from scratch. His clients run the gamut from Republican senators to gubernatorial candidates and national party committees."

    Washington Examiner

    Social media chat analysis shows Supreme Court a plus for Trump in battlegrounds

    "Meldrum uses natural-language processing and artificial intelligence tools to read and process the language data on social media. He likens the method to a real-time focus group that's always on. Meldrum says his analysis is not meant to replace polling but is part of a holistic package of measurement data that campaigns can use to inform their decision-making."

    NBC - North Carolina: WXII

    North Carolina campaigns using data tool to analyze social media posts

    "The company AdVictory, which helps elect Republican candidates, is using language analysis in battleground states like North Carolina to help campaigns hone their messages." "...Meldrum said the analysis doesn't replace polling, but compliments it. He noted it is a cheaper way to understand voters."

    Washington Examiner

    Campaigns find that pandemic-forced texting results in priceless voter data haul

    "...a GOP data analytics specialist..."

    ABC - Michigan: WILX

    Utilizing social media for election data

    "With election day just three weeks away, polling analysts are using social media to spot voting trends. Founder of AdVictory Adam Meldrum figured out a method which collects words, verbiage and phrases which shows people’s voting tendencies."

    CBS - Raleigh

    How politicians are targeting ads with unprecedented precision

    "Meldrum’s company is pioneering the use of analyzing publicly available social media data to help politicians better target their messages."


    “This isn’t meant to replace polling. It’s meant to be a compliment alongside it,” he said."

  • Professional

    AdVictory LLC

    Founding Partner/President 

    2015 – Present


    Board of Directors

    2020 – Present



    2020 – Present

    DDC Public Affairs

    Senior Advisor

    2019 – Present

  • Awards

    • 40 under 40 honoree: American Association of Political Consultants
    • 2018 Rising Star: Campaigns and Elections
    • AdVictory, Development Team of the Year: CampaignTech
    • REED AWARD, Campaigns and Elections: Best Use of Programmatic Advertising, Best Use of Display Advertising - Congressional Campaign, Best Use of Display Advertising - State Legislative Campaign, Best Use of OTT - Connected TV, 2019: Best Use of New Technology, Best Data Analytics Solution, 2020: Best Use of New Technology, Best New Research Technique, Best Use of Technology in Research
    • POLLIE AWARD, AAPC: Best Use of Digital/Internet - Governor, Best Use of Internet Advertising – Governor, Best Use of Social Media Advertising - Governor
    • GOLDIE AWARD, Peer Choice Network: Social Media & Digital Ad Excellence, Ambassador Ron Weiser for MIGOP Chairman and Sandy Stimpson for Mobile, Alabama Mayor

  • Analyzing Political/Newsy Type Things Via Social Listening, Search Trends, Digital Intelligence, and Network Graphs.